Horse Boarding

BOARDING $425.00 per month

Boarding Horses in IndianapolisSTALLS:
We have been boarding horses in Indiana since 1985. Our facility started out as a six stall barn with three pastures. Over the past twenty five years we have added on or renovated all the structures. Now we have two barns with thirty four stalls, an 80 X 160 indoor riding arena as well as an outside riding arena and two pastures and three different turn-outs available. Each stall in the first barn (and oldest barn) is 12X12 oak with the main post made out of telephone poles. The stalls are rustic but with covered lights for each stall. The second barn and more modern look was built with double lined heavy pine. Each stall includes a turn still or Lazy Susan feeder, heated bucket in winter, fan in summer, and lined Rubber floor mates which go under the sawdust. These stalls are also equipped with an automatic lighting system which turns on at 6 am and off at 10pm. Automatic lights help in two different ways one is for shiny show coats and the other is to bring mares in heat early. Stall cleaning is provided throughout the week on a regular basis.

We typically water, grain and hay twice a day. The amount of feed is determined by your horses body weight. A typical 1000 lb horse eats one scoop or 3lbs of oat based 12% grain twice a day. We also feed alfalfa third cut hay which is extremely rich in protein. Seven different water spickets can be located trough out both barns for easy watering. Water is ALWAYS provided for the horses.

We turn horses out daily. If at all possible we turn out in front pasture then rotate the next day in back pasture. Any horse that is not able to go out with the group ie. stallion or show horse may have a separated turn out area. This are is a large paddock or round pen. Horses stay in their stalls in case of freezing temperatures or freezing rain or severe weather.

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